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Pickwick Lake, Tennessee

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Pickwick Lake, Tennessee

Lake fishing reports, Fishing information, Bait, Lake Conditions, water temperature.

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Lou Williams
Guide Service

Lou Williams
Guide Service

Lou Williams
Guide Service

Pickwick Lake

By Reed Montgomery
Reeds Guide Service (205) 787-1333
Website: www.FISHINGALABAMA.com
Lake Level: Full Pool
Water Temperature: Mid-to-Upper 80's

Summer on Pickwick Lake

Although some may argue, its been said that Pickwick Lake is the best trophy smallmouth bass lake in the world. With 5-6 pounders common its understandable why. Many anglers claim this Tennessee River impoundment is second to none (cept maybe Wilson Lake, previous world record smallmouth, 10 1/2 pounds) when it comes to consistently producing smallmouth bass, year round.

Some anglers have even taken smallmouth bass of near record proportions on Pickwick Lake (located near the town of Florence in north Alabama), some often weighing over 8 pounds. Others have lost some...they say are even bigger.

Visiting Pickwick Lake this summer, an angler has many choices to get a chance to hook into one of these, "brown bass of a lifetime." But landing it, is another story. These huge smallmouth bass have been known to leap as high as the fortunate anglers head that hooked into one.

If those aerial acrobatics do not show an escape by throwing the lure, then the sheer power of these very strong bass, can just rip loose the lure from their mouth. This is why so many anglers lose big smallmouth bass, usually right at boatside.

You must check every angle in order to successfully land one of these true, tackle testing bass of a lifetime, or be prepared to go home again, with the old tale of the one that got away!

Everything must be in order to be successful at landing these bass. Sharp hooks are a must. New, strong line, must be spooled up on each trip. Not old line that can always break at an inopportune time. Good dependable rods and strong reels with good drag systems are a must.

Nets are very important tools for success. Especially a long handled, big hooped net. Just as important is the net man. Many a smallmouth bass has been lost at boatside due to poor handing of the net. Even a discussion of netting the bass, prior to even hooking into one of these rare, monster smallmouth bass, is important and very necessary.

Choosing a fishing location, whether you day or night fish on Pickwick Lake, is just as important for success as getting ready. You can't catch em' if your not fishing where they are!

Start with a good map. I had the pleasure of providing fishing tips and seasonal fishing locations for Fishing Hotspots Maps, that debuted here in Alabama a few years back. You can order waterproof, tearproof, GPS marked maps for all Tennessee River Lakes and the Coosa River System (more coming) at: www.fishinghotspotsmaps.com

If you study a map of Pickwick Lake you will see the lakes headwaters, situated just below Wilson Lake dam, immediately above Florence Boat Launch at McFarland Park, about 2-3 miles upriver. Also you will see a barge canal that exits the lock on the dam on your left.

Whether you fish during the day or night you must exercise extreme caution when navigating these swift, flowing tailrace waters below Wilson Lake dam, in Pickwick Lakes headwaters. Boulders and huge rocks are everywhere and can be hazardous, especially for first timers.

Like upriver Wilson Lake, many anglers choose to fish at night during the hot summer months on Pickwick Lake. Drifting in the current or just casting the banks calls for the use of a variety of lures.

Proven lure favorites are spinnerbaits, grubs, worms, lizards, crayfish imitations and jig combos. Even jigging spoons, fishing with crankbaits, rattletraps and jerkbaits, can be very good choices after dark. These same lures will work during the day...if you can stand the heat. Topwater lures work day or night here.

Finesse fishing for some very picky smallmouths with very small worms, gitzits, slider rigs, spoons, crayfish, lizards, tube baits, grubs, shad imitations, and other soft plastics, may be necessary for clear water situations this summer.

Always wear your life jacket and outboard motor kill switch when navigating Pickwick Lake day or night, and always watch out for the other boater on our very crowded lakes this summer.

See more summer fishing tips for Pickwick Lake (and other Alabama Lakes) at "Fishing Tips" and "Lake Reports" my website: www.FISHINGALABAMA.com

Thanks and Good Fishing this summer!

This report provided by:
Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service
Producer / Host "Fishing Alabama" With Reed Montgomery Radio Show
"Celebrating 5 Years on the Radio Jan 2004"
Sunday Morning's 9-10 A.M. Central Time
Radio Station WJOX 690 AM Birmingham, Alabama
Call Reeds Guide Service...First! (205) 787-5133
"Over 40 Years Fishing Alabama for Bass and Stripers"
E-mail: ALABASSGYD@aol.com
Website: www.FISHINGALABAMA.com

Happy Fishing from Pickwick Lake Info!

Best time to fish

Walleye - Upper end March, April, May

Smallmouth Bass - Daytime. End of March through May; November, December; Nighttime May through June; Full moon during summer.

Crappie - March through May; November.

Catfish - August, September; on trotlines in October.

Paddlefish - February, March, April. Depends on water level.

White Bass - Best in April. May under lights at night.

Bluegill (bream) - June, July, August excellent.